Type :               Nilgiri Winter Frost Black Tea

Flush:               Winter flush


Tea Estate:       Glendale, Nilgiri

Brewing Time:  4-5 minutes


About the Product :

TEA: Nilgiri Winter Frost is a limited edition black tea from Southern part of India made when temperatures in the Nilgiri Hills are at their coldest. It has a crisp spring taste and soft honey sweetness. This is a hand rolled tea, well twisted & has a delicate floral aroma & taste, very light liquoring tea 


PLANTATION: Glendale Estate, a valley within a valley, is the cynosure of the famous Nilgiris Mountain Range in South India which dates back to 1835 in the Tea Plantation history. Glendale Estate is located at an altitude of 1650 mt to 2120 mt above MSL and endowed with characteristic cold, dry and misty climatic conditions, which impart a brisk and golden yellow color to the tea liquor besides bestowing a distinctively soothing floral aroma..


PACK CONTAINS: 95% whole leaves (Super premium); Sealed metalized Ziploc pouche of Tea to ensure freshness even after you first open your favorite pack of Tea. It also includes nutritional information about this tea and how best to brew your tea.


MONTH & YEAR PACKED: February 2022


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Nilgiri Winter Frost Black Tea from Glendale estate [$80 / lb] - SFTGFOP

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