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  • TEA: Darjeeling First flush FTGFOP-1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) Loose Leaf Black Tea from single estate. Darjeeling tea is predominantly for the exclusive Tea connoisseur as, it is the most expensive tea after Matcha & of its amazingly LIGHT intensity of Aroma, Flavor and lingering aftertaste makes this Darjeeling black tea most exquisite. This tea has a lovely sweetness and quality that is a characteristic of the Darjeeling tea. It is to be had WITHOUT MILK
  • NET WEIGHT: 3.53oz | 100g | 50 cups 
  • SEALED FRESHNESS: Made without artificial ingredients, our loose leaves are packed in pouch and cold store
  • CLASSIC LOOSE LEAF TEA: Harvested in mid-March, very light color, aroma & mild astringency and a pleasure to the discerning Taste Buds
  • PACK CONTAINS: 95% whole leaves (Super premium); Sealed metalized Ziploc pouche of Tea to ensure freshness even after you first open your favorite pack of Tea. It also includes nutritional information about this tea and how best to brew your tea
  • MONTH & YEAR PACKED: July 2018



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Darjeeling First Flush Black Tea, ARYA Estate

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