About us

It started in San Ramon in the fall of 2017 when two friends while looking for some good quality black tea after coming out from the Farmer’s Market, couldn’t find something to their taste – the taste that they grew up with in India. They decided to start a business in bringing premium quality tea from the Himalayas to the consumers in US at an affordable price range leveraging their experience and network with that region in India.

The founders, Shiladitya Das and Dipan Ghosh, are friends since their undergraduate days. Both grew up in Kolkata, India and moved to the United States between 2003 and 2005. Das, an engineer, spent almost 20 years in the tech Industry. An avid hiker and a nature lover, Das loves gardening and is passionate about growing organic produce in his backyard. Dipan loves to travel and is a foodie. Also, an engineer by profession, Dipan spent the last 12 years in the FDA regulated industry and has worked across multiple functions from Supply Chain, R&D, Quality and Marketing. After finishing his MBA, he decided to start a company with his friend Das. Both are tea connoisseurs and want to inspire more people in enjoying a cup of tea.