Kouridashi Iced Tea - Japanese ice brew method

Kouridashi Iced Tea - Japanese ice brew method

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During the hot and sultry summer months, do you have a longing for a refreshing glass of iced tea? Don't have to look any further! You'll find the perfect recipe waiting for you at Freshcarton! We're kicking off this summer with a newly popular cold brew iced tea from Japan. This method of preparing iced tea has garnered internet fame after an Instagram reel went viral and we highly recommend that you try it! It is called Kouridashi or cold steeped iced tea.

What is cold brew iced tea in general?

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Cold brew tea is made by steeping tea leaves or teabags in cold water to allow the flavours to infuse. It takes much longer than typical hot tea to steep in cold water since the process is longer and the flavors take longer to develop. Using cold water instead of boiling water extracts more flavor. 

What is Kouridashi and what is so special about it?

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The flavor profile of a cup of tea is influenced by several factors, including water quality, temperature, and steeping time. These are the kinds of things we think about when making a hot cup of tea. But did you know that these same characteristics have an impact on the flavor of iced tea as well? Tea connoisseurs have long debated the ideal way to brew a batch of iced tea, but a lesser-known cold brew technique from Japan has recently received great accolades for producing a high-quality tea beverage. In an attempt to extract the umami flavors from the tea, a second cold brewing technique was developed in Japan.

Let us introduce you to this technique which is known as kouridashi tea, which is just ice brewed or ice steeped tea. Kouri means ice and thus this method derives its name from it and thus is known as Kouridashi. The kouridashi-style of brewing is a Japanese way of extracting the flavors of tea leaves using icy cold ice cubes. The flavor is more concentrated the colder the water is and the longer the leaf extracts are in it.

But why would you take the time to make ice and then steep tea in it until it melts? Cold brews are said to taste less bitter and smoother than tea steeped in hot water, as well as satisfying thirst on a hot summer day. Not to add, cold brewing your favourite teas is a fascinating way to discover new flavour profiles! This method is certainly low-effort –– but high-reward when you taste one of the most concentrated flavor experiences in tea possible.

Read on to find out exactly how to make this interesting iced tea which has garnered a lot of attention on Instagram and is now all over the internet!

Steps to make Kouridashi iced tea

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The steps to make Kouridashi iced tea are extremely simple and the lack of much manual labor will astound you because the results are delightful!

  1. Freeze water in an ice tray - this is the most important step of the recipe since Kouridashi simply cannot be made without ice thus remember to free some the night before!
  2. Place the ice in a teapot - Take a bunch of ice cubes and fill in the teapot about 2/3rds of the way to its rim
  3. Add the loose leaf tea on top of the ice - take 2 tablespoons of any loose leaf tea of your choice, we could recommend experimenting with different types and flavors and mixes since this brewing method brings out the natural sweetness present in the tea leaves.
  4. Wait for the ice to melt - have a little patience and don’t get fidgety with your teapot. Leave it alone and go do something else. You need to let the ice melt completely for the flavors to really come through. Make sure however that the tea remains cold. It will usually take anytime between 20 minutes up to 1 hour depending on the climate and weather conditions.
  5. Strain the tea - Use a strainer as you pour the cold golden goodness into glasses to serve!

This tea usually does not need any sweetener however, if you have a sweet tooth, check out our cold brew recipe to find out how to make a sweetener that mixes with ice tea unlike sugar or honey which will not mix

What are the benefits of a cold steeped iced tea?

Due to the prolonged steeping process, cold brew tea contains less caffeine (almost half) than its hot brewed version for the same quantity of water, making it easier on the stomach and taste buds and suitable for most people, young and old.

Cold brew coffee and cold brew tea have been increasingly popular in recent years, and ice tea or sweet tea is a popular choice. This is a chilled version of Darjeeling black tea, which is one of our favorite hot drinks. So, using our gorgeous and smooth tea blends, and now we have shown you how to prepare the ultimate iced tea in style.

Try out this delightful recipe and let us know what you feel! Tag us on instagram if you make it and want to share pictures and feedback @freshcarton 

Happy sipping!

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