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Tea saga of Temi, Sikkim/India

Not so long ago Sikkim became a part of India. Before that Sikkim was an independent little kingdom amid the oaks, pines of mighty Himalaya. The then king of Sikkim established the tea garden to give a meaning of life to the uprooted people from silk route. This way the journey of Temi started. This more than 440 acre splash tea garden in the height of 6000 ft above sea-level produces organic tea full of flavor and stone.


Our journey

In search of flavor and aroma we visited the tea garden this year. After a long journey from Bagdogra, Siliguri to Temi by bumpy narrow Himalayan road we reached the guest house in the darkness of night.


The stay

Sikkim Tea Estate

Temi is perfect place for them who are living in city hustle , and want to get away for few days in the lap of nature. Surrounded by  gorgeous mountain you’ll wake up with the sound of cock-a-doodle-do in the morning. We were there in the month of May. The weather not cold, but foggy which is natural of the time. If you want to see the majestic Kanchenjunga from the guest house balcony, you need to visit in fall. We missed the opportunity to get that very glimpse.


The factory visit

Watching the tea processing in another experience we added in our feather. We were in the factory on a Friday, which is a holiday in the garden. However, the production of tea was going on. The plucked leaves the day before must be processed to avoid any wastage of leaves. In the industry, where tea leaves are the main raw material, must be taken care. The production supervisor Mr. Saroj Rai explained us every minute details from plucking to packaging. We watched the green and black tea processing during our visit.


Tasting tea

Tea tasting

Tea tasting is an art as well as science. The testing of tea depends on the temperature of water, the amount of leaves is being used, and how long the leaves are being soaked. We learned many intricate details of tasting tea from Mr. N Modha, who has a vast experience in tea industry.


We came back from Temi, with great knowledge on tea, which will surely help us to choose the right tea for the market.

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