Type :               Green Tea

Grade:              TGFOP Small

Tea Estate:       Lakyrsiew, Shillong, India

Brew Time:       3-5 minutes

The infused leaf: Brew up to four or five times


About the Product :

  • TEA: Produced in the traditional Chinese fashion where leaf fresh from the garden is pan-roasted, Lakyrsiew green teas are an explosion of fruity fragrance with notes of mango, pineapple and stone fruit. They share the long finish and lack of astringency so rare in green teas with their black tea stablemates. Clean and fragrant, Lakyrsiew’s green teas are an increasingly popular accompaniment to meals, offering a satisfying alternative to wine.
  • Brewing: For Lakyrsiew teas to reveal themselves at their best a few small precautions are necessary. First, the water, which should always be fresh and of good filtered or bottled quality. Green teas should be brewed for 4 to 5 minutes at a temperature of 85 degrees, using 12 grammes per litre. Avoid using boiling water as this will ‘burn’ the tea and bring out some undesirable bitterness.
  • SEALED FRESHNESS: Made without artificial ingredients, our loose leaves are packed in pouch and cold store.
  • MONTH & YEAR PACKED: May 2021
Green Tea TGFOP Small Grade, Lakyrsiew Estate

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