Orthodox is an industrial technique of processing black tea which was introduced by the British. This system which involves a process of withering, rolling, oxidation and drying was first used in North East India. Enjoy the strong flavor and start your morning cuppa with whole leaf orthodox tea. The black orthodox tea produces robust liquor and has a refreshing taste with slight notes of astringency. To make the perfect cup of Black Tea use spring water and choose the right steeping time. 


  • ORTHODOX ASSAM TEA: The strong and full-bodied Assam tea contains the characteristic of tart, malty flavour, vigorous body and bright colour. A medium-bodied malty Assam special that is lively with a subtle lingering sweetness. The classic maltiness mingled with notes of date palm is complemented by soft undertones of wood and raisins making the cup layered and complex. 
  • READY TO STEEP: Our loose leaf tea blend is easy to prepare. Take a teaspoon full of the tea and pour hot water at 185°F -194°F over it. Steep for 5 minutes. Strain in a cup and indulge! This tea is best enjoyed hot on its own or with sugar, honey, or milk. Traditionally prepared only with milk, chai tea can also be served straight.
  • SEALED FRESHNESS: Made without artificial ingredients, our Orthodox tea is packed in metalized pouch and cold store; Pack contains 5.3oz / 150gm / 60cups. Freshly brewed liquors with milk is rich and deeply colored with a strong Muscatel Bouquet and a pleasure to the discerning Taste Buds
  • BENEFITS - This tea not only wins on taste but also on health benefits. Other benefits lie in oral health, by strengthening teeth and fighting cavities. Simply naturally derived flavors and positive tea! 100% money back guarantee.
Assam Golden tips Loose Leaf Black Tea

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