"Specialty Twirl" from Glendale tea estate is made from tender buds that are handpicked very early in the morning and handled like delicate flowers. The tea is manufactures when the weather is very cold and dry. When the leaf reaches optimum weather, the leaf is carefully and very slowly twisted in a special tea roller and hence the name "Twirl". The oxidation of twisted leaf is very critical. Only during this process the tea leaf develop sweet aroma and yellowish liquor color.


Leaf Appearance : Wiry, well twisted, blackish brown leaf with visible green leaf. An earthy and sweet aroma emanates from the dry leaf

Infusion : The infused leaf of this tea is bright, greenish yellow with winter green aroma

Liquor : It's bright golden yellow with the hints of red at the edges of the cup. Light liquoring tea that's sweet & flowery with spicy notes that is irresistible winter green taste. The excellent floral aroma coming through the cup.

Tea Garden :  Glendale tea estate, Nilgiri

Harvested : February 2023

Brewing Time :  4-5 minutes 

Caffeine Level : Medium

Pack Contains: 95% whole leaves (Super premium); Sealed metalized Ziploc pouche of Tea to ensure freshness even after you first open your favorite pack of Tea. It also includes nutritional information about this tea and how best to brew your tea.

Specialty Nilgiri Twirl Black Tea

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