Top 6 best Tea festivals around the world

Top 6 best Tea festivals around the world

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Are you an avid fan of tea and consider yourself a tea lover? Tea festivals are just the right place for you! Read on to know about the complete tea festival experience and some of the best tea festivals around the world!


What are tea festivals?

Tea festivals are exactly what they sound like, a festival to celebrate tea. Just like any other type of festival, whether it is Coachella or Comicon, tea festivals are full of life, warmth and cheer along with having an environment filled with interest, curiosity and knowledge. They usually include tea tasting, panel discussions about tea, fun outdoor activities, visiting tea gardens, all under one roof! International tea festivals bring delegates, connoisseurs and merchants together from all around the world and lead to an increased understanding of all things related to tea. Tea festivals are perfect for people who enjoy tea and would like to experience tea in all its beauty. They are also great places for learning, exchanging information, building a network of like-minded tea lovers and above all, celebrate the second most popular beverage in the world (second only to water).

Some of the worlds tea festivals which should be on your must visit list if you are a tea
connoisseur are:


Assam Tea Festival

Assam tea festival, women dancing in traditional attire (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED)

The Assam tea festival is the largest tea festival in India, the country which is the second largest producer of tea in the world. Assam is situated in the North-eastern part of India and is famous for its beautiful scenery, tea gardens, heritage sites and rich cultural heritage. The festival is celebrated all across the state with pomp and fervor since tea is an integral part of the Assamese culture and identity. The main events are held in Jorhat district which is known to be at the heart of the tea producing region and has extensive tea gardens. The festival includes visiting the famous tea gardens, adventure sports, hiking, fairs, auctions, tea tasting sessions and more. The Assam tea festival is organized every year by Assam Tourism in the month of November and is the perfect opportunity for tea lovers to explore and learn more about their favorite beverage along with experiencing the warm Assamese hospitality and breath-taking scenery.


Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival, Darjeeling

Darjeeling tea festival, women dancing in traditional attire (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED)

The Teesta Tea and Tourism festival in Darjeeling is highly looked forward to by tea connoisseurs. Darjeeling is a district in the Indian state of West Bengal which is renowned all over the world for its exquisite regional tea. In fact, Darjeeling tea is known as the ‘Champagne of Tea” due to its regional exclusivity and hallmark flavor. This festival is usually organized in the months of November or December, when the weather is beautiful and the state has the highest number of tourists. It highlights the various different teas from the region and is a highly anticipated event. The environment is cheerful and joyous and tea is truly celebrated. Darjeeling’s rolling hills offer the perfect backdrop to this vibrant tea festival which includes activities such as nature walks, tours of the tea gardens, tea tasting, food fairs and more!


Boseong Green Tea Festival South Korea

Boseong tea festival in South Korea, different types of green tea leaves on display (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED)

The Green tea festival in South Korea is an international tea festival held in Boseong every year in the first week of May. Boseong is the centre and birthplace of the commercial production of tea in South Korea and the largest producer of tea in the country, thus it is only justified for the grand tea festival to be held there. This festival is focused on educating people about green tea and trying all the different types of it. Activities include tea tasting, learning how to properly brew green tea, picking tea leaves, sampling green tea flavored
snacks, exhibition of the kinds of green tea available and celebratory performances. The environment is celebratory yet has an air of knowledge and calm. The beautiful tea gardens and stunning nature provide the perfect setting for this much awaited tea festival!


Taiwan International Tea Expo

Taiwan tea festival, people looking at tea stalls (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED)

The Taiwan International Tea expo is held in Taipei every year in the first half of November. The festival spans over 4 days and is visited by delegates and attendees from all over the world! Tea from Taiwan is consumed all over the world and in order to share the Taiwanese tea culture with the rest of the world, this festival is held. This festival showcases an impressive collection of Taiwan and the worlds most well known tea seeds, types and products along with including workshops and discussions on tea plant growing, production and leaf plucking.


Los Angeles International Tea Festival

Los Angeles International tea festival, cityscape of Los Angeles (NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED)

Fondly known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles has one of the biggest tea festivals to offer to tea lovers from all over the world. The star-studded location and the Hollywood Hills are an added attraction to avid tea fans! The festival, like all things LA is trendy and keeps up with the times, hence activities often include quirky things like trying tea flavored food or experimenting with tea pairings. The Festival also recruits volunteers, so if you love tea, head on over! This event usually takes place in the month of August and the weather makes it a perfect time to enjoy tea and experiment with it. It also hosts teas and people from all over the world and is a great place for networking in the tea community.

San Francisco International Tea Festival

Our founders, Das and Dipan at the San Francisco Tea Festival at the Freshcarton stall!

Last but not the least, from the birthplace of Freshcarton, we have the San Francisco International Tea Festival! This event usually takes place in the month of October and includes 2 days of tea related activities, fun, learning and laughter. Activities include, tea tasting, auctions, tea exhibitions, workshops on how to brew different types of teas and more. What is amazing about this tea festival is that tea merchants and tea retailers from all over the world come here to show their teas to an enthusiastic audience. This festival is meant for all types of people starting with tea connoisseurs and lovers to newcomers to the tea world. You’ll come for the tea and stay for the warm hospitality and smiles.

Have you been to a tea festival?
How was your experience?
Tell us in the comments below!

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