How the Global Pandemic affected the Indian Tea Industry

koli majumdar8 comments
The need to control the spread of the virus required the slowing down of economic activity and the ones worst affected were those which require human interaction and manual labor. The tea industry stands to be one such industry because the processes such as plucking are done by hand by the large number of tea plantation workers all over the world. In this article we will explore how the Indian tea industry dealt with the perils of a nationwide lockdown, how it was affected and how it continues to cope in a shackled economy with another lockdown looming over its head.

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Black tea has numerous health benefits. Read on to find out why black tea is great for your health and makes for a wonderful addition to your daily routine!

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How to Brew the Perfect Iced Tea

koli majumdar26 comments

Cold brew tea in 6 easy steps!

Use our Darjeeling black tea for the best results!

  1. Place tea leaves or teabags in a large pitcher
  2. Pour cold, filtered water
  3. Set aside in the refrigerator for 3 hours
  4. Prepare a sweetener
  5. Strain the tea
  6. Top it off with garnishes and serve!

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Search for Tea

shiladitya das5 comments

Just after waking up in the morning a good aromatic flavorful tea boosts our energy, helps us to go ahead rest of the day. In search of such a good tea, we landed to Temi. The tiny mountain state Sikkim of India produces such aromatic tea. The tea saga of Temi, Sikkim hasn’t started long ago, but it has a story to tell.

Premium Quality India Tea Leaves

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