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Freshcarton is launching its new subscription models with your help! Follow our campaign and support us so that we can help kickstart the Freshcarton Tea Club and grow the Indian tea community in the US.

You already know the story of our two founders, Das and Dipan who embarked on this tea journey together however what this blog entails today is their larger vision for Freshcarton and their promise to deliver on the promise of “freshness in every sip’.

Founders Das and Dipan


We are offering you a wide variety of subscription models! More tea for everyone at extremely affordable prices has always been our mission and thus these subscription models range from $24 to $169. The various subscription plans and combos that you can order to support us are as follows!

  • One time tea sampler set $24  - 
  1. a tea-sampler set with three of our favorite collections of tea  
  2. 15% discount code every future purchase at www.freshcarton.com till Dec 31, 2021

  • One time premium gift set $49
  1. A holiday gift basket comprising of our top selling Cast Iron Teapot and 4 hand picked Tea blends (50g each) 
  2. 15% discount code on every future purchase at www.freshcarton.com till Dec 31, 2021
  • Quarterly subscription model for 1 year $69 - 
  1. Two premium Tea (100g each) every quarter in 2021 with the option of customizing your tea based on our offered selection 
  2. 15% discount code every future purchase at www.freshcarton.com till Dec 31, 2021


  • Monthly subscription model for 1 year $169 - 
    1. Two premium Tea (100g each) every month with the option of customizing your tea based on our offered selection
    2. 15% discount code every future purchase at www.freshcarton.com till Dec 31, 2021

    tea collection

    There are 5 main things that your support will help us do

    • It would help us offer more varieties to you, the customer so that you have more tea options to choose from within our range!
    • Being environmentally healthy and conscious is of great importance to us and thus this would help us work on environmentally packaging, particularly for our teabags.
    • This will also help us to scale up to a more automated blending and packaging process.
    • The tea community that we work with in India is important to us and thus this will help us invest in the well being of our tea workers including education for their children and industry standards of work.
    • Lastly, this would help us grow the Indian tea community in the US

    Support us by subscribing to our models.

    Thank you and keep supporting!

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